5 Weird Creatures of the Animal Kingdom

Nature is thing of beauty most often known for painting outside the lines of human reality. Its landscapes can vary from harsh and inhospitable to delicate and beautiful. One remarkable thing about nature’s creatures is the evolutionary brilliance and vast diversity with which they cope with their environments. Many weird creatures of the animal kingdom are also some of the most beautiful, the most deadly, or even both. From the depths of the oceans to the peaks of the mountains, modern exploration has resulted in a vast new catalog of biodiversity. Let’s check out just five weird creatures of the animal kingdom.

Goblin Shark

weird creatures of the animal kingdom

These sharks can measure anywhere between 10-13 feet long when mature, and are sometimes referred to as living fossils due to their history which dates back almost 125 million years. An elongated nose and an uncanny ability to extend its jaws forward when feeding are the calling cards of the goblin shark’s disturbing appearance.


Tufted Deer

weird creatures of the animal kingdom

A species of deer found predominantly in central and southern China that can best be described as a cross between Bambi and a vampire, the males of this species possess unusual fang-like canines that can grow up to an inch in length. These timid deer inhabit wet forests ranging from 1,600 – 14,800 feet above sea level.


Japanese Spider Crab

weird creatures of the animal kingdom

Like something straight out of a horror movie, these crabs can grow to an astonishing 12 feet wide and weigh up to 42 pounds. Despite its intimidating appearance, the Japanese spider crab is described as having a relatively gentle disposition.



weird creatures of the animal kingdom

The world’s largest nocturnal primates at 4 pounds, an aye-aye resembles a cross between a monkey, a mouse, and a hairless cat. These creatures are indigenous to Madagascar and are distant relatives to chimpanzees, apes, and even humans.


Leaf-Tailed Gecko

weird creatures of the animal kingdom

Again, from Madagascar — home of the weird — this species of gecko looks more like a leaf than its green Geico commercial cousin. In fact, it looks so much like a leaf at 2-6 inches in total length that these creatures are incredibly difficult to spot in the wild by an untrained eye.

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