Troy Aikman is Over

I introduce you to the newest member of the Miami Dolphins, Troy Aikman.

There has been a lot of talk about why Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman decided to call it a career and retire after 12 great years in the NFL, including three Super Bowl victories.  The main reason that people come up with is that he suffered too many concussions in his time as an NFL quarterback.  However, that is not the reason that Aikman retired.

The true reason that Aikman retired was that he worked his tail off to develop some level of credibility and respect inside the game that he loves.  He wanted to make sure that all his decision as a football player was under his control and that was being jeopardized within the organization.

During an NFL Films story about Aikman, “Troy Aikman: A Football Life”, he talked about the real reason that he decided to retire after 12 years in the league.

“All these people think I got out of the game because of head injuries,” he said. “Concussions had nothing to do with it, absolutely nothing to do with my retirement. Ultimately, the reason I retired after 12 years was because I felt that I had worked hard to develop some level of credibility and respect within this game. And I felt like that was being jeopardized by decisions that were being made beyond my control within the organization. And I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

As a matter of fact, Aikman almost came out of retirement to play for the Miami Dolphins.  Aikman told Fox Sports announcer that he got a call from then Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt about the possibility of returning to the football field and play for him.

“I got a call from Wannstedt and he was the head coach.  He was with the Dolphins when they made a run at me.”

Just imagine that, Aikman coming out of retirement to play for someone other than America’s Team.  We saw Emmitt Smith end his career as an Arizona Cardinals running back, something that just didn’t look right on the television screen.  I know teams move on and sometimes you must let players walk, even the great ones in an organization, but I don’t know if my heart could have taken seeing Aikman without the “Star” on his helmet.

What would your vision be of Aikman if he indeed did come out of retirement to play for the Dolphins?

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