We are currently CLOSED for submissions. We will be open again at the end of the summer.

Below you will find specific criteria on how to submit to Hidden Animals. We will be doing a summer issue and a winter issue each year.

We are currently CLOSED for submissions for our first issue to be published in the summer of 2013.

Further information on what we are looking for can be found under our About page.

Fiction and Non-Fiction: Submissions should be double-spaced with a font size of either 11 or 12 pts. Your last name and the title of your work should appear in the header of each page along with page numbers (first page excluded). A strict word limit of 7,000 words applies. (Note: if you would like to submit artwork with your piece, make a note in the “Additional Information” box of the submission form)

Poetry: Submissions should be single-spaced in a font size of 11 or 12 pts. unless poetic style requires otherwise. Submit 1-5 poems with no one poem exceeding 5 pages in length. If submitting multiple poems, please include them all in a dingle document.

Artwork: Original artwork and photography will be considered for cover art and interior pieces. No guidelines on content apply, just send us your best, most interesting work.

We do not accept work that has previously been published in any format (this includes personal blogs).

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your work has been selected for publication elsewhere.

At this time, we offer no payment for publication and there is no fee for submitting. The magazine will be published electronically on the Hidden Animals website and will be free to read.

Hidden Animals reserves first printing rights to any work selected for publication therein. All copyrights to selected works remain that of the author or creator of said work. If you have any questions, you may address them to us via email at submissions AT hiddenanimalslit DOT com