The Fact sheet

  • This is a sea species of sea slug
  • And is closely related to Glaucus Marginatus
  • Feeds on other pelagic creatures of the sea
  • They have a very painful sting when handling these creatures, Built into its own tissue from the cnidarian
  • Grows up to 3 cm in length
  • Lives in warm waters like the tropics
  • Unable to be kept in captivity due to it’s feeding habits


Like other sea creatures their reproduction organs are the same in male and female. After mating they both produce egg strings. While other nudibranchs mate with their right sides facing, these creatures mate with the ventral side facing.

With gas filled stomachs these sea swallows float to the surface, Because of the location of the gas sac the Blue dragons float on their back,

Giving the chance these creatures would resort to cannibalism. These will feed on the most venomous nematocysts to store for their own use. The venom is collected in specialized sacs, located on the feather like fins on their body. The more concentrated the venom, more powerful and deadly the sting can be.