Fact sheet

  • She’s not albino she has a rare condition called “Amelanosis”
  • There are only two other known cases for this condition in Zebra, and both were in captivity
  • Zoe was Born on September 16, 1998 and lives on a farm
  • She’s extremely rare
  • Highly Social
  • She resides at a ranch called Three ring ranch
  • Her diet is strictly Vegetarian
  • She’s Prone to sunburns


Like other Zebra’s Zoe loves to play and is a herding animal she stays in a group and is very social. She has a family of Zebras on the farm she was raised at. She is a sweet Zebra that loves to play with her baby sister. At one point her mother wouldn’t let Zoe near her little sister and it made Zoe very upset. The nights would be sad because she was in a different paddocks. Although they could see each other these animals are very social.

Zoe has some health problems but none that has surfaced just yet except for her having poor vision at night. She seems to be pretty healthy for the health problems she could face with her rare condition.


Although the name is Panda Ant , it’s actually a species of wasp. The females don’t have wings which in turn make them look like ants. These species of Wasp are different then the others because they don’t have queens, workers or drones.

They have and extremely painful stringer