Fact Sheet

  • They can weight up to 9.0 pounds
  • Growing about 3 feet and 3 inches in length
  • Species of hermit crab
  • Found on islands across the Indian ocean and some of the Pacific Ocean
  • The only species of the genus Birgus in relation to the hermit crab
  • Except as larvae Coconut crabs aren’t able to swim
  • They eat fleshy fruits and occasionally organic materials


These Crabs can live for about 60 years.They have been reported to climb trees to crack coconuts although coconuts are not a specific part of their diet. One crab was reported killing and eating a Polynesian rat. They have been seen climbing up to 33 feet high to gather coconuts and cracking them on the ground with their strong claws.

During the day Coconut crabs stay hidden to reduce the water loss from the heat, their borrows contains fine yet strong fibers from the coconut husks in which they use as bedding. While resting in its burrow they coconut crab uses one of its claws to close the entrance to create a moist burrow for it’s breathing organs.